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Air Form has over 30 years of experience in the Hovercraft Industry!


AIR FORM provides a wide range of Expertise, ranging from Consulting to Designing to Engineering to Manufacturing. We are ready to help your Company reach its full potential.

Whether you're looking for a small change to one of our standard models or a complete craft re-design, we have you covered!





AIR FORM has an extensive range of "in house" capabilities... ranging from the design, engineering and production of (but not limited to)- control systems, electrical circuits, hydrostatic circuits, mechanical drive lines, lift fans, fixed pitch propellers, skirt design, technical documentation... we also manufacture Hovercraft!





At AIR FORM we understand each Company is unique, therefor, a standard craft will not help every business reach it's full potential. Whether you're located in the Caribbean or the Arctic, a customized craft will be designed around- YOUR INDUSTRY- YOUR ENVIRONMENT - YOUR CHALLENGE!





One of AIR FORM's principle founder's & co-owner, Raymond Jordison has 30 years experience in the Hovercraft Industry.




  • Raymond Jordison was born & raised in Australia.
    • 1992- apprenticed with "HOVERCRAFT INDUSTRIES" in Darwin Australia. Learning       Hovercraft  design, engineering & construction.
  • 1995- immigrated to Germany, worked for "HEITMANN GROUPE" in Wuppertal.
  • 2000- immigrated to the USA, co-founded & co-owned "HOVER-SHUTTLE, LLC" in Wisconsin.
    • 2013- moved to Wrangell, Alaska co-founded "AIR FORM" in Wrangell, Alaska.

Hovercraft Industries 24 passengers

Hovercraft Industries 6 passengers

Heitmann Groupe 8 passengers

Hover-Shuttle 10 passengers

Air Form 46 passengers

Air Form 18 passengers

Hover-Shuttle 10 passengers

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